How to Remove Client Services Inc

“Has Client Services Inc Tried to Sue You for Repayment?”

Client Services Inc

If you have Client Services Inc debts on your credit reports you score can be seriously negatively impacted. Luckily, there are steps you can take to reverse the damage.

Debt collection employees from Client Services Inc can damage your credit rating, reports and score by posting bad items on all 3 of your credit reports, which will demolish your credit standing for up to seven years.

If they still don’t get a payment plan set up they may even go so far as to start a suing campaign.

Who is Client Services Inc?

Client Services Inc is the name of a third party debt collections company base out of the state of Missouri. Like most debt collection agencies, they are not afraid to try and scare you into making payments towards debts that may NOT even be yours to begin with…If they start to issue threats regarding suing you to get their money through garnishments of your wages or a seizure of your assets, then, it is imperative you get professional help immediately. It could be an empty threat, but if it is not- you should definitely be armed and ready.

Contact Information for Client Services


3451 South Harry Truman Boulevard

Saint Charles, MO  63301-9826

Telephone: 1-800-521-3236 or (636)-947-2321

Fax: (636)-947-1565


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